WLAQ Support Person

WLAQ Support Person

The WLAQ Support Person was introduced in June 2020.  Bullying and harassment is an issue in the profession, and while we may not all have experienced it, we likely know someone that has been subject to it.  An objective of WLAQ is to support our members and while WLAQ recognises that it cannot provide the necessary therapeutic and expert support needed for a member who may be subject to bullying or harassment, we want to ensure that it is able to provide further assistance in this area.  This is why we have announced the appointment of Ann-Maree David as the inaugural WLAQ Support Person.

Ann-Maree’s role will be to act as a contact for any member who may want to discuss bullying or harassment issues, but the support will not extend to counselling or legal advice. 

The WLAQ Support Person will be supported by WLAQ with the provision of numbers for LawCare, BarCare, counsellors or psychologists and names of law firms that could assist them if they want to take the issue further.  The WLAQ Support Person would not be authorised to suggest that a claim is or is not made and again, would not provide any legal advice, rather a sounding board in a similar vein that WLAQ has the Friends of WLAQ program.  The WLAQ Support Person would not be asked by the WLAQ Committee to provide the names of any persons that have contacted them, but would be required to report on volume of calls and to raise any issue that she considers the WLAQ Committee may need to address, for example, a systemic issue.

All members, as part of this initiative, will be informed that if the WLAQ Support Person feels as though a member is in position of harm, they are to immediately contact the WLAQ President, who then may contact the BAQ President or QLS President or another entity as the WLAQ President determines.

QLS Workplace Conduct Advisory Service

QLS is providing a new service to members to respond to inappropriate and unacceptable workplace behaviours, including discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace bullying.

Research is clear that the process of handling workplace conduct complaints and grievances, and the process of reporting a complaint are often difficult and complex.

To assist members and member practices, we are now offering a new service: Workplace Conduct Advisory Service.

This service is free to full members of the Queensland Law Society who meet the eligibility requirements and member practices with five or fewer practising certificates. The service will provide up to 2 hours of advice to an eligible member with respect to workplace issues arising from discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace bullying.  You can find out more on the QLS Website.