WLAQ membership is open to all females who hold a law degree, or a studying to obtain a law degree, in Australia.  There are a number of categories of membership to cater for all female lawyers, with the introduction of Regional membership in 2015, Corporate members in 2016, and General (more than and less than 15 FTE), Retired and Judicial membership in May 2018.  In July 2019, we introduced the category of Government membership.

Upon application, your membership will be considered at the following WLAQ Committee meeting (held on the first Tuesday of each month).  You will receive an email following this meeting confirming the status of your membership application.  If you would like to register to attend an event in the time between your application and the Committee meeting, please email events@wlaq.com.au and we will send through written confirmation that you are apply to register at member rates pending approval of your membership.

Membership is valid for a period of one year from the date your application is accepted.  Similarly, renewals are valid from the date the renewal is processed by WLAQ.  If your membership has lapsed for a period of more than 6 months, you will be required to reapply for new membership.  In order to renew your membership, please login at this link and follow the options for renewal.

Membership applications are not approved immediately. Memberships are considered at our monthly Committee meeting (held on the first Tuesday of each month).  Shortly after the meeting, all accepted memberships are processed and you will receive an automated email.  Your membership is valid from the date we process your application, not the date you applied.

Please visit our Website FAQs before emailing us with any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of WLAQ and experiencing the great benefits we have to offer.

Please review each membership option and apply for the category which best suits your current practice.

Student – for all members studying a law degree with membership valid up until graduation.
Junior – for all graduates up until they are 3 PAE.
CLC & NFP – for all members who are employed by a Community Legal Centre or Not-For-Profit organisation.
Regional – for all members who live outside a 50km radius from Brisbane CBD (Ipswich is part of Brisbane).
Retired – for all members who have now retired from the profession.
Judicial – for all members who are sitting judicial officers.
Barristers – for all members of the Bar (other than those who qualify for Junior membership).
Corporate (<15 FTE) – for all employers with less than 15 FTE (including support staff).
Corporate (>15 FTE) – for all employers with more than 15 FTE (including support staff).
General / Government (<15 FTE) – for all members who work for a firm with less than 15 FTE (including support staff).
General / Government (>15 FTE) – for all members who work for a firm with more than 15 FTE (including support staff).
Corporate Employee (Employee of a Corporate Member) – for all employees of organisations that hold corporate membership.

Our current corporate members include Legal Aid Queensland, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Shine Lawyers, King & Wood Mallesons, Clayton Utz, Hemmant’s List, Gilshenan & Luton Legal and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Queensland and the Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor. After your employer has registered as a corporate member, employees can subscribe to receive the newsletter and have access to member only event prices. Employee emails must be used when purchasing member tickets so that corporate membership can be identified and confirmed. Employees do not need to create individual WLAQ accounts unless they would like to have one.

If you are an employee of a corporate member and you wish to create a WLAQ account, simply select the free Corporate Employee option and complete your registration via the Check Out using your employee email so that we can identify the corporate member that you belong to. No membership fee will be payable when joining as an employee of a corporate member.

Membership Options

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