WLAQ’s Ladder Program

The purpose of the program is to support and nurture women in the early stages of their legal careers through its Ladder mentoring program. The program matches law students and lawyers (must be less than 5 PAE) with more experienced women in the profession who can encourage, assist and empower young women to take advantage of opportunities in the law. The ladder program helps develop professional contacts as well as assists women in taking responsibility for their learning and career direction.

The ladder program has enjoyed many years of success and continues to attract impressive mentors (including senior members of the Profession and members of the judiciary) as well as many promising and enthusiastic ‘mentees’.

How do I participate?

The Program runs annually in the first half of the year. Once we receive details of the applicants, we allocate mentees to mentors to match their areas of interest as closely as possible to facilitate the mentees experience.

Mentees must be a WLAQ member and either a law student or under 5 PAE.  We will look to match, where we can, those who are close to 5 PAE with practitioners who are more than 7 PAE.

Mentors do not have to be a WLAQ member, but they do need to be a practising female lawyer who would otherwise be eligible for membership in Queensland.  It is preferred that Mentors are at least 5 PAE (we will match 5 PAE with law students or more junior lawyers)

Regional participants in previous years have been matched with practitioners from their areas where we can. We encourage you to apply to participate from all corners of Queensland, and we will do our best to find a mentor for you.

Ladder Program Registration

Registrations are now closed. Please contact events@wlaq.com.au for any enquiries.