WLAQ Maternity Bar Jacket

In February 2018, WLAQ arranged for a Bar jacket to be tailored by Clare Sheng at The Fitting Room on Edward so that it could be used by pregnant barristers throughout the later stages of their pregnancy.  The jacket has been tailored to include an ‘expanding pleat’ at the back of the jacket to allow for it to be used by women at all stages of their pregnancy, while keeping the fit of the jacket as comfortable and flattering as possible.  Since its release, the jacket has been used by a number of practitioners, including Claire Boothman from Legal Aid Queensland, who gave us permission to share this photographs below.

The Maternity Bar Jacket is provided free of charge, and we just ask that it is dry-cleaned on return.

WLAQ is proud to be providing resources such as the Maternity Bar jacket to assist our members throughout their careers.  Since the release of the WLAQ Maternity Bar Jacket, Ludlows have now released a version on their website.

Thank you to Claire for allowing us to share these pictures and we hope that you have an enjoyable (and restful) maternity leave!

If you would like to use the Maternity Bar jacket, please contact events@wlaq.com.au, or if urgently required, please call Jessica McClymont.