Following consultation with senior members of the legal profession, WLAQ launched the Friends of WLAQ initiative in February 2017.

This initiative is aimed at providing support to women more than 7 years PAE by having access to a verified list of people (female and male) from the legal profession who they can call on to discuss any issues . This could include simply having a friend to call on to seek input how to approach partnership negotiations, or workshop any problems they may be facing.

In order to be listed as a Friend of WLAQ , a person must:

  1. Hold a law degree (from any jurisdiction);
  2. Have at least 10-years’ experience in the legal industry (this does not need to be as a practising lawyer, and can include CEOs, Company Secretary, Board Members, academics etc);
  3. Not be employed as, or carry on a business as, an executive coach, career coach, life coach or recruiter;
  4. Be nominated by a current WLAQ member who has held membership for a period of at least one year; and
  5. Provide a one-page summary of their work experience, areas of practice and interest, committee positions, contact details and a photograph (this will be put on the website).

An application to be a Friend of WLAQ will be considered at a WLAQ Committee Meeting, and once approved, a friend will be listed on the WLAQ website until they request to be removed.

WLAQ reserves all rights to refuse to accept an application to be a Friend of WLAQ without reason, and to remove a friend should the need arise and without notification.

It is integral to the success of the Friends of WLAQ program that privacy is respected, and that a friend does not reveal who they may be meeting with. A friend of WLAQ can reveal that they are on the list, but under no circumstances are they to:

  1. Request payment for their services; or
  2. Approach WLAQ members asking them to use them as a friend.

WLAQ may ask members for feedback on the Friends of WLAQ initiative and may review these terms as required.

While WLAQ takes reasonable steps to ensure anyone listed as a Friends of WLAQ is suitably qualified, it makes no representations as to their availability and to the level of assistance they can provide.

To submit your application, please fill in the information below. All questions are to be directed to

Current Friends of WLAQ
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  • If retired, please put "Retired".
  • Must be a WLAQ Member for at least one year
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, xlsx, txt, Max. file size: 256 MB.
    This is a one page document of your work experience, areas of practice and interest, committee positions, contact details and a photograph (this will be put on the website).