Beryl Donkin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Beryl Killeen Donkin was a pioneer woman in the legal profession.  She was the Queensland Law Society’s first full-time employee and continued to serve the Society for 13 years before assuming the statutory position of Secretary in 1954, a position she held for 21 years. Her commitment and service to Queensland lawyers – including by being the first female secretary of any Law Society in the Commonwealth – was honoured in 1975 when she received an OBE at Buckingham Palace.

Beryl Donkin is an honorary member of WLAQ.  In 1991, to honour this remarkable woman’s memory, WLAQ through Jennifer McVeigh as initial settlor, launched the Beryl Donkin Memorial Award Fund.  In June 2020, WLAQ updated the Trust Deed to appoint WLAQ as the Trustee, replacing Leneen Forde, Joan Bennett and Noela L’Estrange.

Read about past recipients of the Beryl Donkin Memorial Scholarship here.

The terms of the Beryl Donkin Memorial Scholarship Fund can be found here.  Distribution of funds are subject to the Beryl Donkin Memorial Scholarship Fund Management Guidelines, which are available here.

Should anyone want to apply to receive a grant from the Fund, please complete this application form and submit it below with the requested information and supporting documents, when the scholarship opens for applications each year.

Applications for the 2023 scholarship are now closed.