Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (WLAQ) is an organisation dedicated to women who are jurists, practising professionals, legal academics, legal graduates and students of law.  WLAQ was formed in 1978 by Leneen Forde AC (Founding President) and Carmel MacDonald, Veronica McCarthy, Barbara Newton, Fay Silcock, Joan Bennett, Mollie Whitehouse, Una Prentice, Noela L’estrange, Margaret McMurdo and Ros Lian.

The creation of WLAQ was a historic moment. It demonstrated that when women worked together we could achieve more for the advancement of women in the law, than individuals acting alone. WLAQ is proud of the legacy the Committees of years past and has recognised those achievements through the conferral of Honorary Membership

As an association of professionals we seek to help members directly and indirectly by:

  • Raising awareness and proposing changes on issues facing women in law
  • Advocating for appointments on merit
  • Providing resources around flexible working arrangements
  • Liaising with other peak bodies including the Bar Association of Queensland and Queensland Law Society
  • Supporting mentoring and guiding of more junior members
  • Organising events to provide networking and educational opportunities